Play Wideout AKA Return Man 6 Online

My favorite ESPN game – Return Man 6 (also known as Wideout) brings American football action on whole new level, amazing battles and unlimited fun guaranteed

Wideout AKA Return Man 6

Would you like to know all about the Return Man 6 – Wideout flash game? If yes, you are at the right place. This flash game is a modern variant of the Return Man series and a great ESPN game. The Return Man 6 game brings back all the excitement and fun of being a wide NFL receiver on your computer screen. As a player, it is your duty to avoid defenders by running in the perfect route, weaving in and out of the traffic and finally end up with a touchdown catch.

Return Man 6Game instructions
Instructions of the game are easy to follow; this is making the game more fun and easy to play. The main goal of the game is to catch touchdown passes. The first step in the game is lining up. Then you will be assigned a running route that involves fades, drags, hitches or posts. The primary aim here to follow the route to the yellow circle (where the ball will be thrown). In the process, you have to beat or avoid defenders so that you can collect the ball. The right and best way to navigate through the route is by following the carefully placed green dots. The green dots represents the best path to use towards the yellow circle. Once you arrive there, then ensure you catch the ball. If you miss it, you will still have four more attempts to try and so there is no need to worry. Remember a player is given five attempt to catch the ball per play. When the game is over you are given an option of storing your scores online or locally.

Game controls
• This game uses keyboard-based controls that make the game easy to play. Those keyboard controls include:
• Key I: used to run forward
• Key J: used to run left
• Key K: used to run back
• Key L: used to run right
• Space key: used to catch a pass
• Key A: used to jump catch
• Key S: it is for after burner
• Key D: used for diving a catch

• Arrow keys:
– Upper arrow key does the same task as key I
– Down arrow key performs the same function as key K
– Left arrow key does the same job as key J
– Right arrow key does the same job as key L

return man wideoutAge
Finally, it is good to know that Return Man 6 – Wideout is ideal for all people no matter which age they are. Those children and parents who like football can play the same game and compete for the highest scores. Return Man 6 Wideout is family friendly because there is no bad language or violence associated with it.